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31 of the Best Blue Websites Around

Article by Awwwards Team in Web Design - November 21

Blue is a primary color, it is usually associated with concepts and emotions such as depth and professionalism. It can evoke tranquility, strength, or in its lighter shades, friendliness. Blue is well accepted by over 50% of users, universally accepted by both men and women. We leave you today with 25 of the best Blue Websites Around. If you'd like to see more Beautiful Blue Websites, visit this post: Best Blue Websites

  • Imaginamos


  • Maersk Fleet

    Maersk Fleet

  • Stop The Vom

    Stop The Vom

  • Driving Futures

    Driving Futures

  • Juice Box

    Juice Box

  • Family of Fish

    Family of Fish

  • Acumen


  • Nintendo


  • Francesco Bertelli

    Francesco Bertelli

  • Wallt


  • Yipori


  • Mailchimp


  • Good Fortune

    Good Fortune

  • Nissan- Leaf Electric Car

    Nissan- Leaf Electric Car

  • Blue Sky

    Blue Sky

  • Carbonmade


  • The Ship and The Sea

    The Ship and The Sea

  • Jar Design

    Jar Design

  • Mospromstroy Group

    Mospromstroy Group

  • Bounty


  • Visual Notion

    Visual Notion

  • Critical Zero

    Critical Zero

  • Eric Cambell

    Eric Cambell

  • Z-index


  • Loewy Design

    Loewy Design

  • Museum Aan de Stroom

    Museum Aan de Stroom

  • Squarespace


  • Porto Alegre

    Porto Alegre

  • Abdominals iPhone

    Abdominals iPhone

  • Compal


  • Paul Noble Interactive Designer

    Paul Noble Interactive Designer