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Jun 10, 2013

25 Examples of Creative Vector images in Web Design

25 Examples of Creative Vector images in Web Design

Giving a website personality is probably one of the most important questions before beginning development on any project. Sometimes a good photo or excellent use of typography or color can help you achieve this goal. But if your team includes a designer who can make illustrations, icons etc.
especially for each project, that's priceless, beyond a doubt

You can also use vector resources from image banks and customize them to the needs of your client. These resources might be the main image of the site, used for backgrounds, or as icons to make sections or concepts easier to understand. Ultimately, they help give the site personality and make it fresh and current.  Don't forget to choose a good and balanced color palette and a perfect typography selection...and there you go! You've got a different and creative site. 

We hope you like the following selection. Enjoy!