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20 Websites that Play with Audio and Music

Article by Awwwards in Resources & Tools -

Sound: a formidable and very interesting resource that has never had much of a place on the Web. Landing on a website from the musical territory and being unexpectedly hit with a blast of sound is a common negative criticism. In many places the music is annoying, and how hard it often is to find the icon to stop it!

However, within the universe of Web multimedia Audio is a unique medium for conveying information, not only in terms of content but in the form of sensations that promote a user experience that the image alone cannot always achieve. It is not always easy to include, and it’s certainly not an appropriate resource to use everywhere.

However, in other cases it may be a great solution. On musical-themed websites it’s inevitable and necessary, one could hardly understand a site of this nature without the medium of audio. Properly structuring the presentation of sound resources is essential and the best way to learn is by looking at sites we like, that convince us and provide us with an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

The websites we have selected below represent just a few examples of good application of sound and music on the Web, check these  music websites to find more inspiration.

  • New Music USA

    New Music USA


    New Music USA was created by the merger of the American Music Center and Meet The Composer. They serve new American music and composers through grants and media.

  • Blast, by HKI

    Blast, by HKI


    Digital sound experiment by Google Chrome. "It’s a single program that we’ve fiddled and tinkered with for years. As tools get more"

  • Red Bull Music Academy Radio

    Red Bull Music Academy Radio


    Presenting itself as the best music selection on the net, Red Bull Music Academy is an interactive magazine of the online music panorama, with interviews, recordings and music and partner FM radio stations in every country.

  • Jam with Chrome

    Jam with Chrome


    Jam with Chrome is a web experiment from the Google Chrome browser where you can interact with different instruments almost as if you were really playing them. An incredible user experience.

  • Conoce Valencia de una forma diferente

    Conoce Valencia de una forma diferente

    by Aptitude Lab


    This initiative from Hello Valencia magazine, made to celebrate its 12th anniversary, lets us explore the most emblematic areas of the mediterranean city of Valencia through music.

  • Dubfire



    Ali Shirazinia, known by his stage name Dubfire, left the comforts of a storied career as one-half of Grammy-winning duo Deep Dish in order to pursue new life as a producer of "jet-black, polished chrome techno." Such daring reinvention is not for the faint of heart - yet Dubfire in just three short years has emerged as a technological innovator, an acclaimed producer, and the owner of the lauded SCI+TEC Digital Audio record label.

  • Bark to work, by Dogstudio

    Bark to work, by Dogstudio


  • Jazz Delivery

    Jazz Delivery


  • Sound Creatures, by Is-Real

    Sound Creatures, by Is-Real


    Sound Creatures is a project of composer David Kamp which started in 2011. He created a set of creature sounds and asked some brilliant illustration and animation friends what they think this creature looks like. The artworks and the sounds that inspired them are on display at sound-creatures.com.

  • Musique Nomade

    Musique Nomade


    A true travelling studio, Musique Nomad offers professional recording and video making services to musicians of the First Nations of Québec. Moving around the different communities, where talent abounds, the Musique Nomade team aims to be a helping hand that will allow music careers to take off.

  • Faber: 60 years in 60 poems

    Faber: 60 years in 60 poems


    Do you remember the Queen's Coronation? The Kennedy assassination? Beatniks and hippies? The Miners' Strike and Greenham Common? The Great Storm and the Ash Cloud? Brought to life using audio performance and archive footage, 60 Years in 60 Poems travels through time to unpack our shared history, celebrating individual moments alongside national events.

  • Skullcandy Supreme Sound Journey

    Skullcandy Supreme Sound Journey


    Experience music the way it should sound. Skullcandy introduces Supreme Sound, the ultimate in audio quality featuring a full range of attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs.

  • Stephan Rizon

    Stephan Rizon


    Official website of Stephan Rizon

  • Beyoncé



    Official website of Beyoncé

  • Mecenat Musical Société Générale

    Mecenat Musical Société Générale


    A cultural sponsorship policy that is perfectly aligned with the Group's commitments. Along with the field of contemporary art, classical music is one of the two cornerstones of the Société Générale Group's cultural sponsorship policy.

  • More Hazards More Heroes

    More Hazards More Heroes


    More Hazards More Heroes is a Nashville folk duo with a Quiet is the New Loud mentality following in the footsteps of Kings of Convenience with a southern feel of Sam Beam and a tastefulness of Sufjan Stevens.

  • Audio Verite Music

    Audio Verite Music


  • Rock Werchter 2013

    Rock Werchter 2013


    Official Rock Werchter Festival. Rock Werchter 2013 takes place from July 4 to July 7.

  • Night Shift Entertainment, by Neotokio

    Night Shift Entertainment, by Neotokio


    Night Shift Entertainment offers a diverse array of musical services ranging from soloists and jazz ensembles, to high-energy dance bands.

  • Musify



    Musify is a free service and we'll keep it free forever. Period. We also have a catalogue of free music that you can add to your music library.

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