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18 Online Payment Services and Systems

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Making purchases via the Internet is a fact today and is booming. And one of the best things that the Web offers today is the ability to take your business anywhere on the planet through a website. This is why it became essential to purchase via the Internet through many payment service providers, today this can be done easily and, above all, safely. A PSP, or Payment Service Provider, is a company that provides online marketing services, it accepts payments electronically by managing transactions between sellers and buyers. The most common payment methods that are usually offered are by credit card, bank transfer and real time orders. In addition, PSP offers full guarantees against any risks, especially with international transactions, and thus gain the confidence of consumers who use them. All online payment systems are assigned a tax rate on transactions, fixed or variable. Get well cards, tents, T-shirts you've made yourself, websites, fruit... any product or service whatsoever. If you've thought about selling a product on your website here are a list of the most renowned PSPs:

Online Payment Systems: