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17 Websites Dedicated to Drinks

Article by Awwwards Team in Web Design - March 12

...we mean 12 Websites Dedicated to Alcoholic Drinks. Some are minimal or elegant and present their product along with a simple message. Others take you to experience a whole new reality. We've made a selection of the best examples for your inspiration. Enjoy!

  • Michel Berger Booze

    Michel Berger Booze

  • Mezcal Buen Viaje

    Mezcal Buen Viaje

  • Estates and Wines

    Estates and Wines

  • Hungarian Wine Society

    Hungarian Wine Society

  • Don Q

    Don Q

  • Wineshop Hunters

    Wineshop Hunters

  • 4 Pines Beer

    4 Pines Beer

  • Brewsters


  • Robert Mondavi

    Robert Mondavi

  • Yellow Tail

    Yellow Tail

  • Sibling Rivalry

    Sibling Rivalry

  • Black Estate Vineyard

    Black Estate Vineyard

  • Austin East Ciders

    Austin East Ciders

  • Five Thirty Brew

    Five Thirty Brew

  • Austin Beer Works

    Austin Beer Works

  • Moa Beer

    Moa Beer

  • Austin Beer Works

    Austin Beer Works