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25 Excellent Creative Website Footers

Article by Awwwards in Web Design -

From a Web Design Patterns perspective, the Footer is an essential and often undervalued element, which provides a quick entrance to the architecture of contents, whilst showing some of the most fundamental information on our site.

In a standard user experience, it seems like people don’t pay much attention to the elements “below the fold”, everything happens at the top of the website, fortunately, users have learned to look for Footers, and their use has become a well known and established Design Pattern. Footers are there to help us to find information that is not easily discoverable in the header or menu, or when the navigation is not clear.

The aesthetics of Footers must be consistent with the website, the typography should be legible, and the design clear and simple. Elements like the sitemap, contact info, social links, privacy policy and terms of use should all be present. 

We present our selection of Creative Footers, handpicked from the many creative examples our community has submitted to Awwwards. If you want even more inspiring examples of footers, head on over to our collection Footer Design Best Practices.

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