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15 Creative and Innovative Websites Integrated with Facebook and Twitter

Article by Awwwards Team in Web Design - April 23

Integration with Twitter and Facebook is a widespread practice on many websites these days, whether it’s to login to a site, interact with other users using shared information, communicate with followers, etc. In this post we present a selection of websites that have made excellent use of Facebook and Twitter’s APIs to achieve really creative and innovative interactive experiences, grabbing users’ attention to become viral sites with a great impact on social networks. Remember that Facebook and Twitter both provide the necessary information for API integration on their respective developers’ pages.

  • My Life in 20 Days

    My Life in 20 Days

  • Rosebud Agency

    Rosebud Agency

  • Heineken - Open your world

    Heineken - Open your world

  • Station Agency

    Station Agency

  • Find Your Story

    Find Your Story

  • Tweet Map

    Tweet Map

  • Conoce Valencia de una forma diferente

    Conoce Valencia de una forma diferente

  • Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney

    Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney

  • Tweet Flight

    Tweet Flight

  • All for Bear

    All for Bear

  • Zoom In

    Zoom In

  • No homo phobes

    No homo phobes

  • Lost Phone Experiment

    Lost Phone Experiment

  • De Hele Dag #Delenalseenbass Met

    De Hele Dag #Delenalseenbass Met

  • Vine Tune

    Vine Tune

  • Core4