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10 UK Web Agencies to Look Out for, by Simon Foster

Article by Simon Foster in Web Design -
Awwwards: Simon? Simon: Yes, who is it? Awwwards: Hi, it's Martha from Awwwards, how's it going? ..Listen, we want to do an article with a selection of the 20 best web agencies in England, and we thought maybe you could help us. Simon: No. I don't know who the best agencies in England are, and I don't think I'd be objective. And 20 is loads...I've got a lot on. Awwwards: Ah, ok, well, then... Simon: ... I know about agencies who do different work, experimental...I could do an article on 10 ages to look out for from England. What do you think? Awwwards: Sounds great...go for it!!
Simon Foster, 2012 Awwwards jury member, is a British freelance web designer from London. He specializes in responsive front-end design HTML/CSS and web typography. Being the expert he is, we asked him to tell us the best UK web agencies for our agencies around the world review series. He was cautious; we were warned that there are many, all very good, and he didn't dare say one was better than another. Simon suggested another, more accurate concept for what we could do: highlight 10 British agencies to look out for in the coming years. Which? Simon says...
  • Logo Pollen


    Pollen have offices in London, Barcelona and Montpellier. A really innovative agency with a very modern approach to design, their work is quite varied and has a bespoke feel to it. wearepollen.eu Pollen Behance's portfolio Facebook | Twitter | Google+
  • Logo Second Cousins

    Second Cousins

    Second Cousins' work is always different, always innovative. They work mainly with clients in the fields of art, design and video, always with a unique and charming approach. secondcousins.org Facebook | Twitter
  • Logo She Was Only

    She Was Only

    She Was Only are a London-based studio who focus on simplicity to create some stunning work. www.shewasonly.co.uk
  • Logo The Barn

    The Barn

    The Barn are another London studio, they work mainly with the branding side of design to produce some really slick work. www.thebarnagency.co.uk Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr
  • Logo Decode


    Decode are a development agency based in Kent that work with a lot of top designers and freelancers. decode.uk.com
  • Logo MercyMercy

    Mercy are a design/art/branding agency. Their varied body of work is always creative, forward-thinking and innovative. www.mercyonline.co.uk Twitter
  • Logo Although Viewport

    Although Viewport

    Although Viewport isn't strictly an agency, I included it here as I find the work they put out very interesting. They focus mainly on digital and analogue products for the design industry, run workshops, publish books and put out free design resources. viewportindustries.com Twitter
  • Logo Fuel focus


    Fuel focus mainly on print design and have published several superb books on design including the Russian Criminal Tattoo series of books. fuel-design.com Twitter
  • Logo Super EightSuper Eight

    Super Eight are a small studio with offices in Witney and Guilford who craft simple and functional but always beautiful websites and mobile apps. supereightstudio.com Twitter
  • Logo GrundiniGrundini

    Grundini are a graphic design/illustration studio based in Brentford, London. Their work is always stunning with a focus on simplicity and bold use of color. Their client list is extensive and very impressive. www.grundini.com