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10 Stereoscopic 3D websites

Article by Awwwards in Web Design -

Although 3D is now very popular in films and 3D home cinema is becoming more and more extended, we haven't seen it all that much in websites. The main reason might be that you need a pair of 3D glasses to see the content as it is intended to be seen and not everybody has a pair of those lying around at home. Another reason is that it's hard to use the 3D effect to enhance the user’s experience and the site’s usability instead of just using it for visual appeal. However, the 3D effect can make a website unique and memorable as it is not commonly seen. In this post we showcase 10 stereoscopic 3D websites worth seeing. So, put your glasses on and check them out. We hope you don’t get too dizzy!

  • Timberland Earthkeepers

    Timberland Earthkeepers

  • DAM999 3D

    DAM999 3D

  • Turimagen I Argentina

    Turimagen I Argentina

  • Plants and Animals

    Plants and Animals

  • LAB3


  • Digital Podge 2010

    Digital Podge 2010

  • Snowdin


  • De Nederlandse Tuinbouw

    De Nederlandse Tuinbouw

  • Filtrete


  • Jay Jays

    Jay Jays