Nov 9, 2011

10 Creative Facebook Campaigns

10 Creative Facebook Campaigns
While classic media is becoming less and less effective when it comes to companies engaging with users, these are turning to the social networks to conect with their audiences. Facebook is of one the sites that allows users to communicate with their favourite brands and gives companies the possibility to incorporate unique features and interactive campaigns. In this post we showcase some of the most creative recent Facebook campaigns, take a look at them.
  • Nike Basketball | Prove Basketball Never Stops As part of its "Basketball Never Stops" campaign, Nike launched a special Facebook page challenging fans to prove that statement to be true with their own submissions. The most imaginative examples will win their authors a possibillity to Skype, chat or actually stand a chance in a game against pro basketball players (in the NBA 2k12 video game though).
  • Mercedes Benz | Drive & Seek – The prologue Acompagning the launch of the new Mercedes- Benz C-Class Coupé, the car manufacturer launched an agressive online campaign that goes from an interactive short promo film to location-based gaming apps that can be sinked with facebook. Integrated into the campaign there is this facebook game.  Mercedes Benz | Drive & Seek – The prologue
  • Volkswagen Nederland | Fanwagen Through the Fanwagen Facebook application, Volkswagen Nederlands allows its fans to choose which classic Volkswagen they prefer: the Transporter or the Beetle. Volkswagen will make a special edition of the winning model with features inspired by social networks that will be raffled among the fans who vote on Facebook.  Volkswagen Nederland | Fanwagen
  • Johnie Walker | Keep Walking Project Johnie Walker gives a strategical turn to its communication changing their individualistic spirit to a colaborative project. The Keep Walking Project sugests three social iniciatives which symbolize the Johnnie Walker notion of progress. Using Facebook or a dedicated iPhone app, consumers will be able to help shape the outcome of the campaign by earning ‘steps’—a virtual currency that will allow the brand to know which initiative will be implemented.  Johnie Walker | Keep Walking Project
  • Nike Football | Strike Counter To accompany the launch of the new Nike T90 Laser IV, Nike introduced a Facebook app that enables footballers around the world to record and socialize their scored goals. The T90 Strike Counter allows players to input data about their goals such as a spot on the pitch they scored from, where in the goal it went in and what part of the boot they struck the ball with. A 3D image can immediately be shared with friends or team mates. The app also features pro player commentary around memorable goals and what makes the perfect strike.  Nike Football | Strike Counter
  • MINI USA | The Best Test Drive Ever. Period. Along with the MINI USA annual Motortober events at dealerships across the country, the new MINI Coupé was launched. To celebrate this special ocassion MINI created "The Best Test Drive Ever. Period", a contest where users submit their idea of THE BEST TEST DRIVE EVER in six words. The submissions were mirrored back to MINI's banner ads, twitter and facebook in real time. A few submissions were also selected to be illustrated and put onto MINI USA's Facebook site. The grand pize was a trip for two to a destination of winner’s choice within the 48 Contiguous United States.  MINI USA | The Best Test Drive Ever. Period.
  • Pepsi | Feeding America

    Partnering with 7-Eleven convenience stores in the USA, the beverage company donates five cents from each 20-oz. Pepsi product purchased at a 7-Eleven store, doubling the donation if it involves checking in using Facebook Places.  Pepsi | Feeding America

  • H&M | Your Very Best of Versace for H&M Polyvore Competition Anticipating the release of the Versace collaboration with H&M, the swedish clothing company launched a contest in its Facebook site encouraging fans to create a Polyvore set using the new Versace for H&M pieces for the chance to win an exclusive scarf from the collection (Donatella Versace picked the winner herself). What's great about this campaign is that H&M focused on the target and teamed up with a leading fashion website (Polyvore) that has a recreational component while unnoticeably forcing the viewers to check the whole Versace for H&M collection.  H&M | Your Very Best of Versace for H&M Polyvore Competition
  • McDonald's | The Quest for the Golden McRib Celebrating the return for limited time of the famous McRib, McDonald’s launched the “The Quest for the Golden McRib” Facebook app to help promote the sandwich. It's a virtual scavenger hunt to find the Golden McRib located in McDonald’s across the world. Questers had the opportunity to collect badges and share achievements on Twitter and Facebook.  McDonald's | The Quest for the Golden McRib
  • GE | Living Painting To demonstrate General Electric's commitment to helping reduce the National Gallery's carbon footprint, the company created the world's first "living" masterpiece, a recreation of Van Gogh's "A Wheatfield with Cypresses" made up of over 8,000 plants that was grown and installed over a four month period in Trafalgar Square (London) until the end of October 2011. To Show their support to the idea, fans of GE on Facebook could add their photo to a virtual photomosaic that also recreated the painting by tagging their photo with #GElivingpainting.  GE | Living Painting