• Vicki Tourtouras

    Vicki Tourtouras is a multi-disciplinary designer, entrepreneur and co-founder of Image Mechanics design studio based in Sydney, Australia. Vicki specialises in user experience and interface design. Vicki is also the co-founder of the very much anticipated application Nizo (http://nizoapp.com) Vicki was born in Sydney and grew up creating sandcastles in the sand and chasing waves on Sydney’s idyllic beaches. She was always surrounded by art and creativity, with her aunts and uncles as practicing artists, art teachers and musicians. Vicki spent her youth dabbling in painting, photography, music and telling stories through her art. A creative career therefore came naturally. She studied visual communication and worked as a graphic designer at agencies in Sydney before embarking on a degree in psychology, partly out of interest in humanity and partly in plight to save the world. But Vicki quickly realised her passion was designing. Vicki currently spends her days working at the intersection of technology and design, creating interfaces for the web, mobile and products to aid others to express their own creativity.

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