The Fusion of Skateboarding and Illustration

The art of illustrated skateboard decks

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Skateboard illustration forms part of the urban art scene; it’s one of the most interesting and prolific artistic expressions around. The techniques used to illustrate the deck vary from hand painting to common or laser printing and engraving. It doesn't stop there, aside from illustrations on the deck, it’s not uncommon to find all manner of materials used to adorn and transform the shape of the deck - a piece most commonly made from Maple wood with a polyurethane coating.

Illustrating skateboards and surfboards has already become an important part of popular culture, especially within the graffiti community, so we aren't surprised to see work from some of the most important illustrators of our time: Joshua Davis, DFace, Ed Templeton, Gary Baseman, Takashi Murakami, 123Klan… to name but a few.

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