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The Best Agencies In London : An Epicenter Of The Web Industry

In collaboration with Peter Jupp we present a selection of the most innovative web design agencies in London right now

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London is one of the most important web hubs of our time; it's one of those places where cultures and trends aren't followed, but born. As you'd expect there are a multitude of digital agencies, conferences, workshops etc., all over the city. It's the lifeblood which feeds the web industry the world over. While many European neighbors flock to the Capital to connect with some of the best web design agencies in the world, others settle in the city with the hopes of launching their business on an international scale.

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Peter Jupp, Design Director at R/GA London, for this article. Peter has given us his insider's take on the innovators and pioneers in London's web hub right now, and we have also added some of the agencies we have had our eyes on. We hope you find this list interesting, inspirational, and true, and please feel free to add any suggestions in the comments below.

Peter Jupp's selection of avant-garde agencies

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