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Into the Arctic - Greenpeace View site

By Hello Monday (DENMARK)

Into the Arctic - Greenpeace VISIT SITE

The North Pole needed Hello Monday’s help, so they teamed up with Greenpeace to fight the good fight against the commercial exploitation of the Arctic Circle.

Greenpeace embarked on a series of ‘Save the Arctic’ expeditions to stop commercial oil and fishing industries from pillaging the region as its protective ice melts.

They approached Hello Monday to help build a digital platform that would track and log these expeditions in real-time. Users follow along as activists send photo, text and video-filled dispatches from the field. The goal of the project is to bring the serious environmental issues facing the region directly into people’s living rooms, allowing users to get closer to a remote area of the planet that even Google maps doesn’t cover.

The site revolves around a map of the Arctic region. This provides a visual context for the expeditions, while log-book-style side panels provide in-depth editorial content along the way.

Yet while the core feature and highlight of the site is the map, they quickly ran into some issues because map services like Google and OpenMaps physically didn’t cover the area they needed to highlight. So the team had to get creative. They studied satellite images of the area and worked with a 3D illustrator to create a high-res illustrated version of the entire Arctic Circle.

Gianluca Giacoppa, a Gran Canaria-based designer who specializes in 3D illustration and map design, helped create an illustrated version of the region. Hello Monday iterated on Giacoppa’s initial drawings to add more detail and layers to the creations. For visual and aesthetic purposes, it was important that the area didn’t feel too flat and 2 dimensional.

They also matched the ice flow data they pulled from the NSIDC to create corresponding ice layers in Photoshop for each expedition. The ice layers are simple shape layers with dynamic layer styles that Greenpeace can edit themselves when the ice shifts.

Studying the region. Greenpeace shared detailed maps of the Arctic area and helped Hello Monday to identify the various borderlines hidden beneath the layers of ice. They also gave them an overview of how the ice shifts throughout the year, which was important to get right so that expedition routes were accurately tracked. They used data from the National Snow & Ice Data Center to map the ice shifts, and compared satellite photos to help give detail and accuracy to the final renderings.

Programming the map. The designers had to program the map from the ground up, and add functionality that people are accustomed to from other mapping services to make it logical and intuitive to use. Afterwards, they also had to match up the designed pixels with actual GPS coordinates. Expedition members used their GPS-trackers to simply input their GPS coordinates into the system, and their system translated these coordinates to x and y pixels.



By Anonymous (FRANCE)


A French-American collaboration between Anonymous, We are from LA and Iconoclast brought us “Pharrell Williams - 24 hours of Happy” which the Awwwards users voted as their Site of the Year.

This incredibly viral project draws you in - you can literally spend 24 hours discovering new characters and hilarious scenarios which accompany a song that we just don't get tired of hearing. It really does make us happy!

The video clip was directed by the creative duo We Are From L.A. and was filmed entirely on Steady Cam, requiring the crew to walk nearly eight miles per day over the course of 11 days. The production took place in Los Angeles and more than 400 hundred extras—including many celebrities—appear in the video.

The four-minute, upbeat song is played on loop, with each cycle introducing a new dancer (or dancers) at a different location. Viewers can fast-forward or move backward using a clock interface that hovers over the display, and share specific moments on Twitter or Facebook.

User Experience. A brilliant and creative user experience, combined with clean, compact navigation allows for the perfect visualization of the video. Users can simply and intuitively travel back and forth through each and every scene.

YouTube. The site utilizes the YouTube platform to its advantage, and why not? These hd micro-videos generate immense amounts of traffic... for free.


REZO ZERO View site



The REZO ZERO studio is a graphic design studio which specializes in digital creation. Since 2004, they have continued to conceptualize and develop innovative interactive solutions for cultural and institutional projects aimed at both a professional and general audience.

Passionate when it comes to graphic design, web design and creative coding, they are in constant contact with the latest technological trends and innovations. For Rezo Zero, a web site is not only a two dimensional surface, but a complete space, an architecture if you will, which is there to house and welcome your content while displaying its true value. Their vision is a global one which places design at the forefront of each of their skills.

Their approach to graphic design, combined with a mastery of web development (PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS) allows them to offer an original user experience. With a view to affirming their graphic and ergonomic vision they have chosen to develop our their solution for content management. It answers to their high level of expectations in terms of design and ergonomy and offers an efficient and simplified interface which allows them to focus our efforts on the user experience, the principle which transforms a digital medium into a true space for information and interaction.

Quality code. Rezo-Zero is a fully responsive web clean website, offering a great experience as much to desktop users as to mobile users. The navigation and the JavaScript transitions are amazingly smooth and fast with a great performance. It uses HTML5 with a lot of CSS classes, giving semantic to the code. The page is also SEO-friendly.

SEO. Without being a page geared specifically towards SEO, it fulfills the fundamental requirements by nicely balancing code, text, links, and correctly using h1, h2, and h3 tags. Images are optimized; it’s nice to see each one logically titled and meta-tagged.


Hello Monday View site

By Hello Monday (DENMARK)

Hello Monday VISIT SITE

Hello Monday is a Digital Creative Agency on a mission to turn the worst day of the week into the best one.

They guys were called back to the stage once more to pick up the prestigious Agency of the Year award. With an almost unanimous vote, the deserving agency stood out for creating quality sites, time and time again, the likes of: Into the Arctic, MoMA Magritte, B&O Play H6, A3, A9, A3, GoMacro, The Mobile Playbook, Paper & Paint Magazine, Diesel Black Gold, among many others. Congratulations!

A company without a philosophy is like a ship without a compass. Hello Monday is built on the premise that it is possible to make a creative playground rather than a production factory. The equation is simple: happy people create joyful digital experiences.

The say they are lucky because they have 3 offices with many creative brains from different cultures that smash together in a process called neural fusion (in contrast to neural fission). This process releases an immense amount of creative energy that dissolves ego and hierarchy. The neural fusion theory is widely accepted in the non-scientific world. We can't argue with science.

Culture. Having three offices in three different countries makes hanging out in the flesh, not online, rather difficult. You can find the Mondayteers on their annual agency gatherings house warming their new New York offices, a music festivals in Sunny Spain, or even horse-back riding in Iceland.

Grounded. Despite having won over 100 industry awards, Hello Monday remains humble and driven. “Awards don’t increase your chances of survival if you are stranded alone on a deserted island. But regardless of their shortcomings, awards set the creative bar high, keep us focused on innovative ideas, and enable us to do our very best on every single project.”

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