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Site of the Month July 2013: Tool of North America

  • August 08
  • By awwwards-team
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The website of Tool of North America has been chosen by our users and jury as the Site of the Month of July 2013

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This month of July has given us a whole bunch of websites of extraordinary technical quality. The close-run struggle between the 6 sites that were up for the award for best Site of the Month is proof of this, and confirms the great innovation level of this year 2013.

Site of the Month

The website of Tool of North America has been chosen by our users and jury as the Site of the Month of July 2013.

The renewed site of Tool is a site with an excellent, clean, minimalist design, exceptionally well-done from a technical point of view.


  • Tool is an integrated production company founded in 1995, and based in Los Angeles, New York and London, that represents top-tier artists to the advertising industry. Tool's collective of talent includes: directors, photographers, cinematographers, technologists, mobile content creators, and video game creatives.

    Tool's latest HTML5 experience, developed in house with its own custom framework, showcases over 200 award winning live action and digital content projects in a fluid CSS 3D environment.

    The Awwwards team give their heartfelt congratulations to this month’s winners.

    Book winners

    We also have the pleasure of announcing the winners of the 10 copies of the ebook "Design Evolution" by Josh Longfor participating in the vote on the Site of the Month.

    Erick M. Yamashita - São Paulo, Brazil
    Suleiman Leadbitter - London, UK
    Michael Mwaura - Juja, Kenya
    Federico Demartini
    Marco - Guanajuato, Mexico
    Miguel Mateo - Madrid, Spain
    Richard Fang - Tangerang, Indonesia
    Fabrice - Paris, France
    Yasser - Saudi Arabia
    Ciro Marandola - Cassino, Italia

    Congratulations and thanks for taking part

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