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Site of the Month for June 2012: Black Negative

Site of the Month for June 2012

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And this month´s "Site of the Month" winner is... Black Negative by Dilshan Arukatti and Sylvain Tran.
Never before has our jury been so sure about the choice of "Site of the Month" and Black Negative is the site that has most impressed us in the last few months and a definite candidate to be named Awwwards "Site of the Year".
Visiting Black Negative is a unique experience. The design is fascinating thanks to excellent use of fonts, creative navigation, fantastic video and photographic material...delicious. But we musn´t forget the technical skill displayed, which is simply unimprovable. It is impressive to see a site with so much multimedia content that flows so harmoniously.
In short, thanks to Dilshan and Silvain for your hard work, effort, creativity.. you richly deserve this prize and much more besides. Congratulations

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