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Print design elements in websites

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Print media is slowly fading out these days, leaving place for the new technologies to take the big slice of the cake. Don't get us wrong, we don't say books are going to disappear, but let's face it, the future is made of pixels, not cellulose. However, techniques and elements of print design are still pretty alive. Instead of going for a more stylized and clean approach, many designers choose to keep the handmade, imperfect and sometimes unfinished look that only tangible media can bring.From imitating registration problems on printing press to the use of highly structured layouts, from letterpress-like titles to grids, rulers or guides are common in today's web design. In this post we have selected a bunch of beautiful websites that integrate typical printer's elements in their designs.

  • Grid-Based Web Design, Simplified | Design Informer

    Grid-Based Web Design, Simplified | Design Informer

  • MailChimp 5.2

    MailChimp 5.2

  • DesignWise


  • Syropia


  • Theme Trust

    Theme Trust

  • InCub


  • Solo


  • Simple as milk

    Simple as milk

  • Smorge


  • KAUS


  • SimpleGeo


  • Neutron Creations

    Neutron Creations

  • AdPacks


  • Fakta


  • Chris Davis

    Chris Davis

  • Toronto Standard

    Toronto Standard

  • Forefathers Group

    Forefathers Group

  • Sete Três

    Sete Três

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