Newspaper inspired websites

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When a website has to display a huge amount of content, it is hard to make it appealing to the eye while keeping usability and balance within it. Newspapers are a good source of inspiration for these cases.
Newspaper inspired websites showcase some recent web design trends such as the use of paper textures, big headlines, a clean grid, a wide range of typographic fonts and a retro style. This proves a website can be beautifully crafted even when it is sparing with images and has a lot of text.
In this post we showcase some outstanding examples of newspaper inspired websites for your inspiration.

  • The New York Moon

    The New York Moon

  • Team Fannypack

    Team Fannypack

  • Thye Wayward Irregular

    Thye Wayward Irregular

  • The Dollar dreadful Family Library

    The Dollar dreadful Family Library

  • We Are Survival Machines

    We Are Survival Machines

  • Blue Moon Dueling Piano Bar

    Blue Moon Dueling Piano Bar

  • Johanna Lenander

    Johanna Lenander

  • CSS Tinderbox

    CSS Tinderbox

  • Bisley Perfect Order

    Bisley Perfect Order

  • The AStonishing Adventures of Lord Likely

    The AStonishing Adventures of Lord Likely

  • Forgotten Presidents

    Forgotten Presidents

  • Fisticuff Design Co.

    Fisticuff Design Co.

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