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Learn to Use Regular Expressions with Lea Verou

Best Of Fluent 2012: Demystifying Regular Expressions

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Regular Expressions are an essential tool for any developer but they're a source of real terror for many web designers. A Regular Expression is a pattern to match strings of text, using RegExp you can save a lot of time and code lines.

In this video recorded during the Fluent 2012: JavaScript & Beyond conference, and recently made available from O'Reilly Media, Lea Verou gives a step-by-step explanation of some useful examples to help us understand RegExp.

  • RegExplained Online Tool

    RegExplained Online Tool

    You can test the expressions that you've learnt in the video with this online web application created by Lea. You’ll be familiar with the most commonly used syntax in regular expressions.

  • Introducing Regular Expressions Book

    Introducing Regular Expressions Book

    Another great resource to start with regular expressions is this easy-to-follow guide. You’ll learn with examples how to match words, characters, and patterns.
    You will understand how save time using RegExp in various programming languages.

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