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Interview with David Basso from UZIK

  • May 30
  • By awwwards-team
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Here's the Q&A with David Basso, Associate Director at UZIK, and recent winner of a Webby Award in the Personal Website Category for his "Photo Song Blog"
QuestionAwwwards: Please tell us a little bit about yourself: who are you, where do you come from and where are you going?
David: I am an interactive Designer/Producer/Engineer. My school background is Science, Physics, and I switched to Interactive Design after Beaux Arts School.
QuestionAwww: What did you do before becoming a designer/developer?
David: My first professional life was Physics instrumentation, where I discovered Human Machine Interface and coding.
QuestionAwww:  In your opinion, which is the future of the Web? (HTML5, Responsive Design, Flash, Mobile...)
David: The future of the Web will be based on creative content and responsive design but technical solution is not essential, code is just a tool.
QuestionAwww:  Where do you turn for inspiration?
David: Photography, Music and Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.
QuestionAwww:  Which are your favorite studios, designers or agencies?
David: Japanese designers are my favorites, Yugo Nakamura and his studio does very impressive works.
QuestionAwww: Tell us about a unique story or funny anecdote related to your work.
David: During the Snapshots of Provence production (Tourism 2010 WebbyAwards Winner), my fellow, Jérôme, sound designer, was recording exterior sounds in a field with bulls... annoyed by our presence, they started to run towards us. Great demonstration of the web production dangerousness.
QuestionAwww:  Which are you for: Mac or PC?
David: Mac... Thank you Steve.
QuestionAwww:  Which is your favorite software?
David: Currently it is a game, Sword & Sworcery, beautiful.
QuestionAwww:  Which city do you live in? Is it a good place for designers?
David: Paris, a good place for designers... A friend of mine just opened a co-working place for creatives called Laptop where freelancers can rent a desktop, nice initiative for creation emulation.
QuestionAwww:  Which technologies are you excited about?
David: I like interactive installation or interactive surprising material, currently I am quite excited in augmented books or paper games, for example Volumique
QuestionAwww:  Tell us about your latest project.
David: One of our latest projects is the Louvre Museum Website. We produced a lot of content, videos, pedagogical animations and interactives maps. A strong souvenir is Photo Shooting from the rooftop of the museum for timelapse video.

David Basso
David Basso
David Baso
David Basso
David Basso
Personal Blog/Website Webbys Award

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