Interview with Addy Osmani, Developer Programs Engineer at Google

Addy Osmani tells us what it’s like to create the future of the web

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Addy Osmani tells us what it’s like to create the future of the web.

Martha went to meet the developer relations wizard at Google HQ in London.

Personal site | @addyosmani | Google+ Profile

Question So, Google. How did you end up here?

In the interviews, I was asked "If you had six oranges in one hand and seven in another, what would you have?". I answered "very large hands". That’s a terrible joke.

What I’m passionate about is helping people be as productive as possible on the front-end - a lot of that is about getting the tooling right. I’ve tried to do my part to help with this by hacking on open-source projects, articles, and books over the years and I guess the Chrome team at Google thought I could have more impact if I could focus on this type of thing full time.


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