Interactive Music Videos

Many interactive music videos go viral and spread through the web rapidly

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We all know video killed the radio star and it is said that the internet is killing the video star, but we think it is more a transformation than a death. Musical industry is rapidly changing. The MTV era is over, music television does no longer show video clips, but realities 24/7, so actors in the music play had to develop new strategies to keep attention coming to its work and interactive music videos are one of them.
Some music videos are interactive at a very basic level and just create engaging visual experiences through users clicks and mouse movement, while others involve viewers by allowing them to take control of the narrative. Some artists even turned their works into apps.
The phenomenon of interactive music videos is not new, but it is relatively recent, for the moment only a handful of artist have gone farther than just uploading their clips to Youtube when it comes to digital media. For the viewers, seems like after the first surprise, the effect of the videos loses power. However, many interactive music videos go viral and spread through the web rapidly, probing to be a good marketing tool. Time will tell if it gets to be the new standard or just a passing trend. For now, let's just enjoy them.

  • The Polyphonic Spree - Bullseye (iPhone app)

  • Björk - Biophilia (iPad app)

  • Arcade Fire - The Wilderness Downtown (View on Chrome)

  • Sour - Mirror (View on Chrome)

  • Rome - 3 Dreams Of Black (View on Chrome)

  • OK GO - All Is Not Lost (View on Chrome)

  • Cold War Kids - I've Seen Enough

  • Sihad - Sleepeater

  • Robyn - Killing Me

  • Pendulum - Salt In The Wounds

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