Inspirational Packaging for Web Designers

Another Great Packaging Selection: June

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Packaging is always inspirational. It's one of our favorite subjects, perhaps because it's about real materials, something web designers don't get to enjoy so often.

Packaging selections didn't used to be a regular feature on our blog, but we've decided to make a monthly selection thanks to the number of visually outstanding projects that are out there.

The creativity to be found in this area is admirable, with such unexpected, aesthetically strong and practical solutions constantly being invented to improve the quotidian objects that surround us.


  • Stiga Ping Pong

  • Round vegetables

  • Man Power Peanuts

  • Sorvete Itália

  • TRITICUM Bread packaging

  • Spices

  • Pagode

  • Filirea gi

  • Fire Fighter Vodka

  • Naked Beer

  • No-Li Brewhouse

  • Þorsteinn

  • Laken Bottles 2013

  • Gogol mogol

  • Juicy Juice

  • Nail Packaging

  • Butterfly Tea Bag

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