How to Clean all those Fingerprints and Marks on our Device’s Screens with a Web App? can be utilised by any of the 8 billion internet connected devices with a screen in the world from Smart TV’s to tablets and laptops

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Two young English entrepreneurs have created a brilliantly simple and original website that they hope will be bookmarked on every single internet connected device

Sean and Lee Ruane have created; a website that provides the users with a completely white webpage that helps highlight all those fingerprints and marks on our device’s screens.

The idea was born almost out of nowhere, when Lee and I were brain storming website business ideas late one night. We were thinking of so many complicated concepts, when we thought we should take it right back to basics, and started with a blank page…

Sean then describes the moment it was born; …and that’s when, whilst looking at the blank page, I began cleaning my screen as it was highlighting all of those dirty marks – that’s when the “eureka” moment happened.

“The website can be utilised by any of the 8 billion internet connected devices with a screen in the world. From Smart TV’s to tablets and laptops” Says Lee.

The brothers hope that this original website will provide everyone with an innovative design to highlight those impurities on their screens, and make the cleaning process far more efficient.

Awwwards Team

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