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Great Twitter Background Designs

Twitter is one of the most used social media sites

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Social networking is essential for today's businesses and corporations. Social media allows individuals and businesses to interact and build relationships.
Twitter is one of the most used social media sites. Twitter's default layout with its blue clouds is easily recognizable and it is not a bad design at all, but if you are a designer and want to make your client stand out from the crowd you should consider using a customized background. Matching the Twitter profile to the user's website is important to give consistency to its online presence and give credibility to what they have to say. The background of a Twitter profile can be used to share information with viewers and show the user's personality, interests and skills.
Twitter does not offer a lot of functionality when it comes to the design of a profile. Basically the background image can be changed (fixed or tiled), along with sidebar and links color. But when options are restricted is when a designer can show how he or she masters his/her skills.
In this post we showcase a selection of Twitter accounts with great backgrounds to inspire you.

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