Some essential tutorials & resources to use @font-face

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Typography : used to be a  big limitation to webdesigners and a headache to front end developers, but @font-face is here to do their live more easier . Take a look  at this @font-face tutorials and resources and enjoy !


  • Safe to Use @font-face Yet?

    Safe to Use @font-face Yet?

  • Font squirrel

    Font squirrel

  • Fonts available for @font-face embedding

    Fonts available for @font-face embedding

  • The Leage of Moveable Type

    The Leage of Moveable Type

  • Bulletproof @font-face syntax

    Bulletproof @font-face syntax

  • font-face and Webfonts: How To Use Them

    font-face and Webfonts: How To Use Them

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