Do you know Society6? Get an Awesome iPhone Case Featuring their Artists' Work

Society6 empowers one of the most active, international artist communities in the world to make their artwork immediately available for sale as a variety of products

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If you are part of the world of design you may well know it, and if you don’t you need to do something about it: we’re talking about Society6, one of the largest and most active communities of artists in the world. Through its website and social networks Society6 aims to allow artists from different disciplines to sell their artwork to any customer anywhere, in a considerable variety of products. Of course, they maintain control of their own copyrights.

When was Society6 started?

Society6 was born over a sandwich in early 2009. The idea was simple, create as many opportunities as possible for the world’s artists. We finally grew tired of seeing so many incredibly talented people (mostly friends) go without exposure for their work. We also noticed that artists and creative people in general were having to make too many sacrifices to make ends meet, and that they were undermining the quality and value of their own work.

Today, Society6 empowers one of the most active, international artist communities in the world to make their artwork immediately available for sale as a variety of products – without giving up control of their rights. We believe that the artistic process is just as important as the end result and that artwork should be made accessible to anyone anywhere in the world.

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This giveaway is now closed, and the lucky winner is Carlos Sousa. Congratulations!
  • bike tuneup by Alex Eben Meyer
  • circlefaces by Mike Lee
  • Pepper Smile by Artgerm™
  • Peace Out by Skye Zambrana
  • Ireland by Jerod Gibson
  • Fortress of Friends by Lenagraphy : : Lena Taylor-Griggs
  • Wolf face by Laura MSS
  • Bulldog King by Rachel Caldwell
  • Dark Side of the Moon. by Nick Nelson
  • Vitamin by Speakerine
  • CHICAGO, IL by Matthew Taylor Wilson
  • The Pilot by Eric Fan
  • Moose by Amy Hamilton
  • YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE by Matthew Taylor Wilson
  • Sunny Leo by Robert Farkas
  • Salt Water Cure by Tina Crespo
  • Voyages over Edinburgh by David Fleck
  • cryyp by Spires
  • pyrply by Spires
  • Steve Jobs - replaceface by Replaceface
  • Jumbo Bubble Gum by Terry Fan
  • Without Words by Rubbishmonkey
  • Sloth Astronaut by Bakus
  • Flight of the Elephants, by Terry Fan
  • Victorian Wars, by Terry Fan
  • zissou the bear, by Laura Graves
  • The Whale by Terry Fan
  • I Want My Blue Sky by Budi Satria Kwan
  • The secret life of heroes - Wonder Pee by Greg-guillemin
  • The Secret Life of Heroes - Batbrush by Greg-guillemin
  • Onward! by Jay Fleck
  • Tonari no Totoro by Victor Vercesi
  • Scarf Lover by Calvin Wu
  • Grady twins troopers by Cisternas
  • HC by Nikola Radovic ART
  • 12inc cosmo by Hiroshi Yoshida
  • Pulp Fiction by Motohiro NEZU
  • Unicore II by Rachel Caldwell
  • Disturbed by Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo
  • Leap of Faith by Budi Satria Kwan
  • betty by Marco Puccini
  • I'm Your Daddy by Victor Vercesi
  • Quiet Night - starry sky by Budi Satria Kwan
  • Superman by David
  • I like Beatles by Bright Enough
  • GODFATHER - Do I have your Loyalty? by Bright Enough ▲
  • Rubik's Triangle by John Tibbott

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