Developer Award

Don't be fooled by what you see on the outside, sometimes the real beauty lies hidden deep within.


Recognizing the
talent behind
the code

Microsoft Edge and Awwwards have set out to recognize the work of web developers — the true tinkerers, builders, and architects of the internet. The Developer Award celebrates those who build quality code, interoperable across modern browsers and devices.

The Developer Award was inspired by the amazing work behind some of the best experiences on the web that demonstrate what it means to be inclusive of all people, regardless of device or browser.

It’s no small task, whether that’s optimizing for mobile, ensuring accessibility to individuals with visual or hearing impairments, creating adaptable experiences for legacy browsers, or pushing the technological boundaries without excluding the masses, and your achievements deserve recognition.

The Developer Award is different from other awards. Focused on balancing innovative design with quality code, winners are recognized for setting the bar for the new foundation of the modern web.

Each Developer Award winner is reviewed for potential invitation to be profiled on Internet Explorer’s Rethink Showcase, a behind-the-scenes look at what inspired the project and how it was made.

A special collaboration with:

Microsoft Edge


The Jury

Judging the talent of others is an arduous task. We ask you to be considerate in your decisions, thorough in your analysis, understanding in your criticism, but not to flinch from giving your honest assessment.

  • Paul Irish

    Paul Irish


    The web is awesome • I work on developer productivity for Chrome • Chrome DevTools and front-end tooling • big fan of rye whiskey, research and whimsy

  • Baptiste Briel

    Baptiste Briel


    Creative Developer. Co-Founder of Suspended Animations, Lead Front-End Developer at Sparkk

  • Jessica Travieso

    Jessica Travieso


    Interactive developer at Tierravirtualstudio, Master's Degree in Fine Arts. iOS & Android developer, HTML5, 3D animation.

  • Luciano Borromei

    Luciano Borromei


    Co-founder and director of Ingamana, interactive design and development studio.

  • Ariadne Gomes

    Ariadne Gomes


    I am very excited about the endless potential of the web.

  • Charlie Clark

    Charlie Clark

    U.S.A., (NUEVA YORK)

    Charlie Clark is a creative coder living in Brooklyn, NY. By day he's an interactive developer at B-Reel.

  • Blake Carroll

    Blake Carroll

    U.S.A., (SEATTLE)

    Technical Director and cofounder of Impossible Bureau.

  • Leandro Puca

    Leandro Puca


    I'm originally from Italy but i’ve been living in Phoenix since June 2013. I'm an Award winner Interactive & UX Designer and Front End Developer.

  • Dave Methvin

    Dave Methvin

    U.S.A., (COLUMBIA)

    Dave is President of the jQuery Foundation and lead developer on jQuery Core, used by 60 percent of the top 100,000 sites on the Internet according

  • Goksel Eryigit

    Goksel Eryigit


    Senior Front-end Developer from Turkey based in San Francisco. Currently doing some awesome stuff for @udemy

  • Karl Stanton

    Karl Stanton

    U.S.A., (NEW YORK)

    Karl Stanton (Director, Engineering) has over 16 years of digital experience. At Huge, Karl leads the front end engineering team.

  • Robby Leonardi

    Robby Leonardi

    U.S.A., (NUEVA YORK)

    Leonardi is multidisciplinary designer based in New York City. He does illustration, graphic design, animation, and front-end development.

  • Julian Shapiro

    Julian Shapiro


    Julian Shapiro is a startup founder and front-end developer. His first startup, NameLayer, was acquired by His current focus is advancing motion design on the web through his popular Velocity.js animation engine and its surrounding ecosystem of animation plugins.

  • Alexandre Gomes

    Alexandre Gomes


    I am a Chemical Engineer by degree, web developer by passion! Currently I am working as Senior Front End Developer at Bürocratik.

  • Franco Bouly

    Franco Bouly


    Creative Coder


How does the
submission process work?

When you submit your site on, you will automatically be eligible for the Developer Award if your site meets the minimum requirements for code quality.

  • Before you submit your site, we highly encourage you to run your site through some tools (W3C Validator, Browsers or Responsive Design) to check for common coding problems. This tools will help you make sure your site meets the minimum requirements and increase your chances to win a Developer Award.

  • When you’re ready to submit, fill out your sites information on our submissions form. There is only one submission for both Site of the Day and Developer Award. Your submission will automatically be sent to the Awwwards team, who will manually check that the code meets the minimum requirements.

  • Should your site meet the minimum technical requirements for the Developer Award, it will be published in the nominee section of Awwwards and sent to both the Site of the Day and the Developer Award panel of judges to await their assessment. Effectively eligible for both awards.

  • For the Developer Award, 4 members of the jury will place their vote based on 3 evaluation criteria (technical, semantic and testing) and the vote furthest from the average will be automatically deleted avoiding potential voting errors.

  • Finally, the average score awarded by users with over 5000 Status Points will be taken into consideration as the eighth and final vote. (See algorithm)

  • Every Wednesday the Developer Award will be presented to those websites which received the highest scores