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Usability of Web Photos

  • April 02
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Analyze a photo's legibility and credibility

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Here we have a new book in the “Pocket Guides Series” from This eBook shows us an interesting aspect of web images, how to think about photos in terms of usability and learn to analyze the effects that these images have on the viewer.

The book gives us tools to evaluate the usability of images, helping us to analyze a photo's legibility and credibility, determine the message that the photo communicates and its effectiveness and emotional impact on users.

James Chudley, the author, has created some interesting guidelines on photo usability which you can try online: photo usability checklist

It also discusses some experiences well known to digital agencies, such as the use of stock images that have little effectiveness or credibility or of photos taken for other purposes which are not adapted to the message or technical requirements of the site.

Like previous books from the “Pocket Guides Series”, it's available in the usual formats including pdf, epub and mobi, “for the price of a coffee” at just £2.00

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