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The Pocket Guide series: Collection 1 - Paperback

  • February 18
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Learn a lot from a little book

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  • Here is the fantastic print edition of the Pocket Guides Series. A set of concise books which focus on specific and timely aspects of web design and development.

    The Pocket Guide Series Collection 1 is the first bundle of the collection, for more recent editions, take a look at 2, 3, and 4 which you can get your hands on at Five Simple Steps Online Shop. Collection 1 is the only paperback set available.

    This series is made up of the following titles:

    • Creating Symbol Fonts By Brian Suda
    • CSS3 Layout Modules By Rachel Andrew
    • The Craft of Words By The Standardistas
    • Psychology for Designers By Joe Leech

    The books are available to download in PDF, ePub, and mobi formats to suit all screen sizes, making them easy to pick up and read wherever you are.


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