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The new Awwwards Book “The best 365 Websites around the World” is finally here!!

  • January 08
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A must-read book for any web designer, developer or design lover.

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With the end of 2012, like every year, the most anticipated review book of the year has arrived. The Best 365 Websites around the World brings together the 365 best websites of the year and the most relevant web designers and studios.

A limited edition hard cover on 197 pages of high quality paper. A must-read book for any web designer, developer or design lover.

What’s more, this year you’ll receive the digital book “Web and Mobile Trends - 2013” for free, where some of the most important web developers, agencies and entrepreneurs of the moment including Jeffrey Zeldman, Unit9, Bruce Lawson, Trent Walton, Veerle Peters, B-reel, Fantasy Interactive, Denise Jacobs, Mike Kus, Ultranoir, Aarron Walter and many more give us their perspectives on the trends we should expect to see in the coming year 2013.

We hope you enjoy it!

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Awwwards Team

By Awwwards Team

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