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Responsive Design with Ghostlab

  • September 30
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One of the best options for testing multi-device designs

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Ghostlab is an App developed by Vanamco that lets you easily test your web design in different resolutions, across a variety of devices, in a simple, quick way.

Just drag and drop your website URL and devices in a very easy way: You just have to drag and drop your website URL (it doesn't matter if it's a localhost or web URL), or project folder into Ghostlab, and that's it!

You can tell Ghostlab to open as many windows as you like across any browser you like to see how your website behaves in different resolutions. Alternatively, you can use the Ghostlab Workspace to adapt to personally configured resolutions.

If you want to test your site on mobile devices, just connect the device to the same network as your Mac and enter to the URL Ghostlab provides; something like You'll be able to see your website right there on the device, and test navigation and functionality.

One of the many awesome features of Ghostlab is that you can control navigation from one single device or window. Just scroll on your mobile, fill out a web form, or simply navigate through links; you will see that same navigation across all other devices and windows which are accessing the URL that Ghostlab provided. It has never been easier to demonstrate web functionality to your clients.

Any JavaScript-enabled client can instantly connect to Ghostlab - no setup required. Ghostlab will keep users up-to-date with any changes that may be relevant to their sites - be it after a few seconds, or even after a few days. This hardy tool will even survive a server reboot!

Ghostlab synchronizes scrolls, clicks, reloads, and forms input across all connected clients meaning that you’re not simply testing the simple page load, but the full user experience.

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