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Responsive Design (eBook)

  • October 26
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Smashing Magazine

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Smashing Magazine publish this book about responsive web design with the elegance we are used to seeing from them. Plenty of easy to read, quality content, graphically supported with examples and code snippets, to explain the techniques and situations to develop this method of web design that was first proposed by Ethan Marcotte and which is currently booming: smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers may share the same design, which is adapted according to the screen size, platform and orientation of each device.
Among other things, as well as introducing and explaining what RWD is and what it does, the book reviews some topics such as using CSS3 Media Queries, the creation of a mobile version of website content, responsive web prototyping in designcont, techniques for gracefully degrading media queries or justification of responsive text.
Its authors are Lewis Nyman, Rachel Andrew, Thierry Koblentz, Ben Callahan, Jeremy Hixon and Kayla Knight, all them expert web developers, web design enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.
Without a doubt, an excellent buy for your professional library.

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