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More or Less Collection

  • March 20
  • By awwwards-team
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Inspired by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe’s design philosophy “Less is more”

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This collection designed by Anonymous is inspired by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe’s design philosophy “Less is more” — reducing the ornamental and excessive to achieve beauty and function from extreme simplicity.

The More or Less Series is a reflection of this philosophy that has been visually interpreted by many designers. By simply subtracting an identical portion of the original piece, what remains is less in volume but more in sides.

About Sans Form
Sans Form is an independent label of wearable and printed goods born in 2013. It acts as an hub for an international collective of creative designers aiming to spread as much as possible the idea that "simpler is better". We strive for quality, that's why each of our items is carefully designed, hand-printed and handled on-demand, to make sure that only the highest quality is offered.


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By Awwwards Team

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