ExtraBold: It's more than a book

ExtraBold is the compendium of all the imagery of Serial Cut™, the Spanish design studio

  • OCTOBER 27
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ExtraBold is the compendium of all the imagery from Serial Cut™, the Spanish design studio established in 1999, which focuses on art direction for international projects. The 320-page book is printed on different kinds of paper, showcasing more than 150 projects from the early years up to the present day.

  • ExtraBold APP and the Augmented Reality Icons

    The book contains Augmented Reality technology, giving you access to extra Virtual & Media Content through a free App for iPhone and iPad. The studio invited their 9 favourite international designers to create an original piece, making a remix in their own style, an open interpretation of the Serial Cut™ world.

ExtraBold City Tour

During the months of September, October and November 2012 several presentations and exhibitions will be held in cities such Madrid, Barcelona, London and New York. All the events are free to enter and they are for friends, clients and fans.
Come and feel extra bold!

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