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Design Elements: Color Fundamentals

  • May 04
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Design Elements Collection

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Color is an essential part of any design solution and knowing how to use it correctly is seen as indispensable for every designer. The book we present today analyzes all facets of this topic. Color Fundamentals is integrated in the Design Elements Collection, which presents the different elements of the design. Written by the educator and designer Aaris Sherin, the book is presented as a graphic style manual for understanding how color affects design.
Design Elements: Color Fundamentals is divided into 5 chapters in which color comes as an effective communication component for the audience to which it is intended, from application to different design elements: how to choose a harmonious palette of colors, its combination with different content and shapes, its different meanings from the emotional, symbolic or cultural viewpoints, or how to select the most appropriate colors for presenting information are just some of the issues that can be seen in this edition. Finally, it suggests a set of standards or rules which should be known and applied when working with color.
The book supports all its explanations with visual and very illustrative samples that will assist the reader in understanding without problems, and also unveils the best techniques and tips for using color in real projects with customers.

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By Awwwards Team

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