Dan Rose - Photoshop's New Groove

ARTIFACT Confeference

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Syracuse, NY native Dan Rose is a User Interface Designer at WSOL. An advocate of side projects, he's the creator of Photoshop Etiquette, a guide to discernible web design. His affinity for workflow and Photoshoppery are evident in his talks, articles, and screencasts. His ramblings can also be caught on Twitter, @dblizzy. Not too long ago, being the best web designer around was synonymous with having serious Photoshop skills. But having to design for a bajillion devices, you've likely been told "you can't use Photoshop anymore".

In a HTML5 and CSS3 world, is there any room for our old friend? Absolutely. This session is chock-full of ideas, including an in-depth look at some great tools for repurposing Photoshop in your Responsive Web Design workflow. ARTIFACT is a conference for DESIGNERS who are adapting to the challenge of designing for a MULTI-DEVICE world.

See more information at ARTIFACTconf.com


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