100 Designs for History Book

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In this unique accordion-folded project, the outstanding work of some of the best illustrators from over 50 different countries is assembled to give life to a single work created by the design studio Brrothers.

Baetulona: 100 Designs for History

looks at the history of Baetulona, now known as Badalona, through a unique and modern artistic perspective and depicts the 100 defining moments which have marked the evolution of this ancient Roman coastal city near Barcelona. As a special tribute, 100 outstanding designers pay homage to the enduring sprit of Baetulona. Proud of its rich Iberian and Romanic heritage, the city has steadily flourished and regenerated through time and was named capital of Catalan culture in 2010.
Seen through the eyes of an international selection of young illustrators, the ever-changing face of "Beatulona" is reflected in the extraordinary graphic interpretation of this vibrant Catalan city - an epic visual journey through its past right up its present and future.


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