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Customize your Apple MacBook and iPad with Decals Stickers

The creativity that users have shown in decorating their own personal laptops and tablets with decal vinyls has no limits

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That Apple’s logo is a universally recognizable icon should not surprise anyone at this point. However, we also know that the Californian company is the most valuable in the world. Its products, characterized by a minimalist and elegant design, are admired and venerated by fans worldwide, and it’s an essential part of geek and design culture.

We’re not trying to sell their products at all. However, its notebook line has received attention for the creativity that users have shown in decorating their own personal laptops and tablets with stickers and labels. A white apple on a clean, flat surface leaves plenty of room to play around. Many designers and illustrators have recognized this fact and when customizing their Macbooks and iPads they’ve created decals that are interesting, fun or at the very least curious.

And why don’t you think about doing the same? You can buy original designs on Etsy, which is where we got most of the examples included here, or you can design them yourself, it's simple. Give your notebook a personal, customized touch. Just be careful when sticking it on: make sure you get it in the right position.

Which of these do you like most? What’s your favorite?

In these sites there are many more, to purchase or to get inspired:  Etsy  Mac Decals  |  The Decal Guru  |  iStickr 

All pictures have been taken from Designs are by their authors.

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