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Circular Elements in Websites

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The circle, a shape so simple, so perfect, so... rounded. No basic shape is more organic than the circle, it has a smooth quality that makes it appealing to the eye. Adding circular elements to your website can turn a bland design into something that breathes life.
Nowadays CSS3 makes easy to create circles and rounded shapes without the need to use images. This has result in an increment in the use of these shapes among designers.
In this post, we compiled for you 40 great examples of circular elements in websites.

  • Life in My Shoes

    Life in My Shoes

  • Project Green

    Project Green

  • Target Nuclear Weapons

    Target Nuclear Weapons


  • SF Dok – 360º Langstrasse Zürich

    SF Dok – 360º Langstrasse Zürich

  • Design Zoom

    Design Zoom

  • ISHU


  • Styiens


  • Marc Kremes

    Marc Kremes

  • Dentsu Network

    Dentsu Network

  • 1minus1


  • Palvelumuotoillu N2 Nolla

    Palvelumuotoillu N2 Nolla

  • Anders Højland Mikkelsen wants to be great

    Anders Højland Mikkelsen wants to be great

  • Always With Honor

    Always With Honor

  • James McNab

    James McNab

  • Switch to Virgin America

    Switch to Virgin America

  • Gift Rocket

    Gift Rocket

  • Weißenhorner Milch Manufaktur

    Weißenhorner Milch Manufaktur

  • Kean Richmond

    Kean Richmond

  • Curious Generation

    Curious Generation

  • Neotokio!


  • Jarad Johnson

    Jarad Johnson

  • Wekstatt


  • Music Tuition in Chichester

    Music Tuition in Chichester

  • Skewed Icons by Denise Chandler

    Skewed Icons by Denise Chandler

  • Column Five

    Column Five

  • Michael Larchevêque

    Michael Larchevêque

  • Nora Rose Travis

    Nora Rose Travis

  • Self Titled

    Self Titled

  • Snapshots of Provence

    Snapshots of Provence

  • Cappen


  • Sven Kils

    Sven Kils

  • Lucia Soto

    Lucia Soto

  • Benito's Hat

    Benito's Hat

  • Fajne Chlopaki

    Fajne Chlopaki

  • Brad Evans

    Brad Evans

  • Fontsmith – 10 Years in type

    Fontsmith – 10 Years in type

  • Alexarts


  • nGen Works

    nGen Works

  • Design Swap

    Design Swap

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