Charts and Graphs: Data visualization in web design

Data visualization must be simple and descriptive while maintaining the viewer's interest

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With the growing amount of information we come across every day, comes the necessity to structure and categorize it and find ways to process, understand and present it in a convenient, fast and easy way. Data visualization must be simple and descriptive while maintaining the viewer's interest.

The popularity of infographs is growing fast, you can find a lot of great showcases of them around the net, although most of them are only static images. A good presentation of information is essential in the modern web world as the content of the Internet becomes more complex and data-driven. Tables, pie charts, bar graphs, venn diagrams... they are all common tools in web design nowadays.

Most of data-driven websites still rely on flash as the main techonology to develop engaging data visualizations. Luckily, today web developers can count with plenty of options to create interactive graphical presentations of information using languages and tools like CSS, Javascript, jQuery, etc.

In today's post we take a look at some of the best data visualizations in websites. Information can be fun and beautiful!

  • Girl Effect

  • Deep Time

  • Itai Inselberg

  • 2011 MTV #VMA Twitter Tracker

  • GOOD | How do we achieve harmony?

  • Carbonmade

  • Solo

  • Chappy Barry

  • Digital Podge 2009

  • Pointless Corp

  • Liveplasma

  • Image Mechanics | Let's Break It Down

  • Go Live!

  • Web is beautiful

  • Gift Rocket

  • The evolution of the web

  • Analog

  • Nosotros

  • RSS Voyage

  • Oakland Crimespotting


  • Map your moves

  • TuneGlue


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