Awwwards Interviews: Kris Hermansson & Franc Cheetham from Resn

Pushing the limits of web technologies

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Today we bring you an interview from our friends from Resn. We interviewed Kris and Franc, along with many others, at our #LoveDays Conference in Paris. Keep an eye out on the blog and our social channels for more in this interesting series Awwwards Interviews over the coming weeks.

Kris Hermansson, creative director, and Franc Cheetham, digital art director at Resn Amsterdam, talk to us about this New Zealand-born agency and their unique vision and extreme creativity they pump into their interactive projects. Here you'll find out about the inner-workings of the company and the technologies they experiment with and the challenges they come up against on a day-to-day basis.

Awwwards Team

By Awwwards Team

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