An Interview with Keitaro Suzuki, Designer at SHIFTBRAIN Inc.

Keitaro gives us a precious insight into his working process and vision for the future of responsive web design.

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Here at Awwwards we are passionate about culture, design, and Japanese technologies. We imagine we are not the only designers fascinated by the world in which rich visuals and integrated technologies combine.

Today, we bring you an exclusive interview with Keitaro Suzuki from Tokyo, designer at the renowned agency SHIFTBRAIN Inc. 

SHIFTBRAIN Inc. | @ktrszk

Question How did you get into this industry?

I began to work in the design industry when I was a senior at university, majoring in economics in 2006. When I was a junior at university, I became interested in design after studying "Branding". That was when I began to learn graphic design at art school.

After that I started to work on a freelance basis doing web design, graphic design, and movies. Fortunately, I was offered a variety of design jobs from several different clients.


By Awwwards Team

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