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33 Brilliant Examples of Type in Web Design

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Web design has come a long way since its beginnings, we used to have to use only web safe fonts. Now with CSS3 we can include virtually any type that we please on our websites without having to recourse to images to be able to display them, putting typography right back where it belongs in the design process and allowing a richer web experience. Today we've gathered a few sites that have cleverly accomplished to mix different types in their designs, hope you find some inspiration here. We leave you with 33 brilliant examples of  the use of type in web design. Enjoy!

  • Deux Huit Huit

    Deux Huit Huit

  • Oliver Kavanagh

    Oliver Kavanagh

  • Phase 2 Technology

    Phase 2 Technology

  • La Wine Agency

    La Wine Agency

  • Austin Beer Works

    Austin Beer Works

  • Rogge & Pott

    Rogge & Pott

  • Two Paper Dolls

    Two Paper Dolls

  • Links LA

    Links LA

  • Rivers and Robots

    Rivers and Robots

  • Fajne Chlopaki

    Fajne Chlopaki

  • Kinetic V5

    Kinetic V5

  • Mulletized


  • Give Beyond

    Give Beyond

  • Buses At The Brewery

    Buses At The Brewery

  • Gap Medics

    Gap Medics

  • Bell Strike

    Bell Strike

  • The English Workshop

    The English Workshop

  • Joel Glovier

    Joel Glovier

  • WakWaw


  • Kitchen Sink Studios

    Kitchen Sink Studios

  • Rob Edwards

    Rob Edwards

  • Deen


  • Daniel Martin

    Daniel Martin

  • Solo - Project Management

    Solo - Project Management

  • SWE


  • War Child

    War Child

  • Kantt


  • Playtype


  • Nicola Cozzolino

    Nicola Cozzolino

  • Viljami Salminen

    Viljami Salminen

  • Harry Ford

    Harry Ford

  • AED


  • Syed Muhammas Rehan

    Syed Muhammas Rehan

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