30 Pixel Perfect Websites

We have compiled 30 great examples of pixel perfect websites

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We know how easy it is to buy a template change some colors, put an icon here and there, add a logo, some pictures and voilà, you've got yourself a website. But we also know good design takes time. Making a design that's not only good but great can be a tedious work, but you can tell when something has been made for an specific purpose.
That's what happens when you strive for pixel perfection, it shows. Making a website that is perfect to a pixel level requires time and effort, but your work will surely look more professional and have a personality of its own.
In this article we have compiled 30 great examples of pixel perfect websites. Remember, everything is in the details.

  • Solo

  • Engarde

  • Love of my life

  • Instagallery

  • Stella

  • VW Buses, beers & volkswagen enthusiasts

  • Simple as milk

  • Hungarian Wine Society

  • Cholo la Design

  • MailChimp

  • Pointless Corp.

  • 1000 WP Themes

  • Chris Thurman

  • Evening of Inspiration 2011 - Islamic Relief USA

  • Developi

  • Tapp3 Media

  • PixelResort

  • Gatget-o

  • Dab Ogborn

  • Inflicted

  • Docteur Chantale Bourdon

  • ParkBud

  • World of Ehab Aref Design

  • The threepenny editor

  • Built by The Factory

  • Quiip

  • Nestlette

  • WeGraphics

  • Youzee

  • Pixel2HTML

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