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30 Logos that rejoice the spirit and soften the heart.

  • March 03
  • By awwwards-team
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A logo is not just a mark, a logo reflects a business's commercial brand via the use of typography, colors, images, etc. ..

In this article we have made a selection of logos that rejoice the spirit and soften the heart. Logos with fun shapes, many different colors and endearing animals that help convey good cheer to their clients.

  • Love Clip

    Love Clip

  • Esthetic music

    Esthetic music

  • Double Vision

    Double Vision

  • Triple Vision

    Triple Vision

  • Zoomania


  • Michael Spitz

    Michael Spitz

  • Care Cruiser

    Care Cruiser

  • Mobi Sock

    Mobi Sock

  • Monsters Golf

    Monsters Golf

  • I'm Home

    I'm Home

  • Otis


  • Bluebird


  • Zoomania


  • Giftland


  • MrPoro


  • Spice Mountain

    Spice Mountain

  • Get Wired

    Get Wired

  • Brand Events

    Brand Events

  • In safe hands

    In safe hands

  • Andy Fiord

    Andy Fiord

  • Sweetweet


  • Appenstein


  • Sunny Side Up

    Sunny Side Up

  • Silent Monkey

    Silent Monkey

  • Wine Searcher

    Wine Searcher

  • Sports Psychology

    Sports Psychology

  • Chaney, Nieman, Mundson & Son Logo

    Chaney, Nieman, Mundson & Son Logo

  • Moshi Logo

    Moshi Logo

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Awwwards Team

By Awwwards Team

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