30 Grid-Based Websites

Grid-based layouts have become very popular in web design

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In the last two years or so, grid-based layouts have become very popular in web design. A grid is a series of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines that serve as guides to place elements in a design. To put it in simple words, grids are a system for creating order among elements in a website.
Grids provide a common graphic language that makes it easier for both designers and developers to work on a website. It helps users to better understand the information as it's shown in a more structured and logical way.
In this post we showcase 30 beautiful grid-based websites. Enjoy them!

  • MCQ
  • Curioos
  • Satellite Voices
  • Reserved
  • MAP
  • Atlason
  • Baubauhaus
  • Pierrick Calvez
  • Pixillion
  • Swinton
  • Protest
  • Killingsworth Station
  • This Also
  • Yvan Rodic
  • DynamIt
  • workdiary.de
  • Dondup
  • POPA
  • Rodgers Townsend
  • Hanging Up the Moon
  • Thomas Robin
  • _F7
  • Fakultät Gestaltung
  • Heydays
  • Salomon Snowboard
  • Landor
  • Posters in Amsterdam
  • Teruhiro Yanagihara
  • Creative Depart
  • Faebric

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