30 Colorful Websites

To bright colors are still a powerful tool to make a design stand out

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We have all heard the "less is more" statement. Simplicity is the route to follow these days. But white space does not have to be necessarily white. In these times of grey neutrality, seems like everything must be subtle, balanced and discreet, but bright colors are still a powerful tool to make a design stand out. Great use of colour can help a website to capture the viewers attention.
In this post we have selected a rainbow of colorful websites that create a strong visual impact and probe that web design can be both clean and colorful.

  • Portfolio Of Antoine Wette

  • IconShirt

  • Go Live!

  • MADD

  • Mooze Design

  • Zeitgeistbot

  • The Girl Effect

  • Andrea Dovizioso

  • Solo

  • Red Pop

  • Carsonified

  • Keenan Wells

  • Ketch Studio

  • X Producciones Gráficas

  • Opala Rosa Choque

  • Kyle Fiedler

  • Deconstruction Records

  • Comic Sans Criminal

  • Fuel Brand Inc.

  • BountyBev

  • Clean Air Challenge

  • Daniela Lerchner

  • Wallt

  • Løvebrød

  • Served

  • Ryan Keiser

  • Beaver Lab

  • Chriswi

  • Jubble Bubble Tea

  • Sylvain

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