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30 Beautiful Concert Posters

Music and design have always gone hand-in-hand

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From singer outfits to record sleeves, music and design have always gone hand-in-hand. The history of rock concert posters started in the 1960s in San Francisco, a poster was made for almost every show during that era. Authoritative and eye-popping as they were soon people recognized their artistic value and started ripping them off of the walls and telephone poles until promoters started given them out at the end of show.
In the '80s decade, the gig poster died in favor of the flyer, but it has recently made a comebak, in fact more rock posters have been made in the last ten years than in all their previous history. This recent explosion has grown along with the independent music scene and the changes in our relationship with music. With the rise of the mp3, the art that used to accompany music in physical records is disappearing, so young music fans filled the void themselves by starting the poster revolution.
What once was a way to announce concerts is now an art form appreciated by many collectors and fans. If you'd like to know more about this movement, we recommend you take a look at Merle Becker's documentary American Artifact, which chronicles the rise of American rock poster art since its birth in the '60s.
Here is a showcase of 30 of our favourite recent gig posters from numerous artists, designers and illustrators for your inspiration.

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