30 Beautiful App Websites

App websites have developed a style of their own

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So you have your fantastic app and now you need somewhere to present it to the world, give information about it or make it sell more. You need a beautiful website that showcases your application in the best possible way.
App websites have developed a style of their own. They use to be clean, professional and carefully designed. Generally, they show a big image of a device (usually an ipod or ipad) showcasing the app. The use of over-sized and extremely detailed icons is also common as they are what people will see in their desktop and will allow them to recognize the app. These websites tend to have a dark background colour and vibrant colours for highlights. The interfaces design tends to be crisp and full of details.
In this post we bring you 30 of the most and best designed beautiful app websites you can find right now on the internet.

  • Do It (Tomorrow)

  • Prevue

  • Amble

  • Panelfly

  • Alfred App

  • Foobi

  • Movies Now!

  • Ecoki

  • Tipulator

  • Cookmate

  • Kaleidoscope

  • Reeder

  • Concentrate

  • Mee Templates

  • CleanMyMac

  • Zennaware

  • Postbox

  • Tea Round App

  • Bills - On your table

  • LemonStand

  • ShakeItPhoto

  • Savage Interactive

  • Hipstamatic

  • OldBooth App

  • Flipboard

  • Night Stand HD

  • Sundance

  • Nota

  • Delibar

  • Courier for Mac


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